#BestOfBuro: News you need now

#BestOfBuro: News you need now

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From Venice to Kuala Lumpur and on to Egypt through the eyes of a famed Middle Eastern photographer, these are the news items you need to read now...

1. Buro 24/7 Malaysia: As the heart of Malaysia — or rather, the state of Selangor — there's no truer city that deserves the title 'melting pot of cultures'. Discover the city now with Buro 24/7's exclusive guide to Kuala Lumpur.

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2. Buro 24/7 Middle East: Apple have debuted their latest software updates and the digital world is looking as sci-fi inspired, as it is a computer-generated reality. Here's looking at augmented reality, the App Store's Today tab and the highly anticipated iOS11 launch


3. Buro 24/7 Australia: When it comes to green vegies you can actually have too much of a good thing. Discover the serious downsides from eating way too many greens now.


4. Buro 24/7 Middle East: Don't miss Hatem Alakeel's latest column for Buro 24/7 where he speaks to Egyptian artist and photographer Youssef Nabil about his work, views and wanderings.

Youssef Nabil

5. Buro 24/7 Singapore: Step off the red carpet at the 2017 Venice Film Festival and experience the city with this unbeatable city guide, complete with breathtaking sights and sounds.

Venice City Guide

Also don't miss the best dressed on the red carpet at the 74th Venice Film Festival.