#BestOfBuro: News you need now

#BestOfBuro: News you need now

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Text: Meeran Mekkaoui

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From fashion, fitness and technology to rounding up the best of 2017, Buro 24/7 Middle East takes a look at the top news stories across the globe this week. Here's what we found...

1. Buro 24/7 Malaysia: Overall, 2017 has been a strong year for fashion. With the year coming to an end, we take look back at fashion's most noteworthy trends over the past 12 months including the millennial pink hue, sock boots, berets and more. 

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2. Buro 24/7 Middle East: Middle Eastern designers received a lot of international recognition this year as celebrities including Bella Hadid, Izabel Goulart, Jessica Alba and Kendall Jenner wore pieces designed in the region. We took a look at who wore what in detail. 

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3. Buro 24/7 Australia: With festive season feasts now behind us, our attention has turned to getting our bodies back on track in the new year. Follow these 21 pieces of fitness advice for your healthiest year yet. 

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4. Buro 24/7 Middle East: Meet Aya and Mounaz Abdelraouf, the Egyptian sister duo behind cult handbag brand Okhtein. The pair has just released an achingly cool new campaign and the designers explain the images in depth in an exclusive interview with Buro 24/7 Middle East. They also touch upon their Egyptian influences, what to expect next year and future plans. 

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5. Buro 24/7 Singapore: Technology continues to change our lives in more ways than we can imagine. This year, in particular, there was a boom in tech gadgets that we didn't know we needed but now can't live without. Discover those top five products here. 

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