#BestOfBuro: News you need now

#BestOfBuro: News you need now

From Buro 24/7 international

Text: Shannon Wylie

Image: Buro 24/7

This week team Buro 24/7 international delivered a collection of coveted stories. Here's the round-up to read now...

1. Buro 24/7 Australia: If you're tres bored of following the same influencers on Instagram, add an art-inspired edge to your list with this cohort of artists who are #instagamestrong.

Instagram Art 

2. Buro 24/7 Singapore: Gain exclusive access to Milan Men's Fashion Week with Buro 24/7 Singapore's Editor-in-Chief Norman Tan who is reporting live, podcast style. Listen to Tan's sartorial musings now.  

3. Buro 24/7 Middle East: From Dubai to Abu Dhabi don't miss the top six cultural experiences taking place in the UAE right now.

 Culture Guide

4. Buro 24/7 Malaysia: Looking for the ultimate places to travel this year? Discover where to go in 2017 based on your Chinese horoscope...

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

5. Buro 24/7 Signapore: If you haven't yet explored the Hermes Cape Cod digital world, add it to your to do list now. 

Hermes Cape Cod

Then, find out which two words Hermes have just added to their fashion lexicon.  

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