Audi might have developed the answer to emission free fuel – 'Blue Crude'

Audi might have developed the answer to emission free fuel – 'Blue Crude'

German engineering at its best

A team of German engineers at Sunfire, under Audi, has developed a promising emission free fuel that can be produced using renewable energy. All it needs is a little bit of electricity and some water. Learn more about the fascinating process here...

German engineering is known to be some of the best in the world and with a new fuel development from Audi, this reputation continues to uphold. Audi, through the Sunfire company, has developed a new emission-free fuel that it is calling 'Blue Crude.' The petrol alternative is produced through a three step process that uses electricity to separate the elements of water, taking the hydrogen elements, which are then combined with carbon to create a hydro-carbon mixture that has the capacity to fuel an engine. 

Blue Crude is odour free and colourless and uses its energy more efficiently than other fossil fuels such as diesel. The pilot plant has been undergoing stringent testing and the company is now looking at future plans to upscale the production to a large scale commercial capacity. Requiring only electricity to produce the fuel, the plant itself is also energy efficient as it can generate that electricity through other renewable means. 

The current estimated market price for the fuel is marginally higher than diesel per litre, however its possible that ultimately it will be better value for the consumer as it works in a more efficient way, meaning drivers might be better mileage out of it. But the value to the environment? You can't put a price on that. 

Take a look at the video below that breaks down the science in an easy to follow way...