Expanding from Europe with the Middle East in sight

Image: ASW

The online private members club makes plans in the region, expanding its reach within the Middle East

Leading private international travel and social hub ASMALLWORLD offers content, benefits, and community in over 100 cities – and has recently announced that it is targeting growth in the UAE market via local initiatives.

Historically the site has ASMALLWORLD always leaned towards a more European audience, and it will now guarantee access to up to one thousand qualified UAE-based applicants to its velvet-roped club.

Previously by-member-invite-only, ASMALLWORLD is excited to welcome applications from qualified individuals to join its community...

a small world

Sabine Heller

"As a world-renown cosmopolitan with a booming luxury market, and citizens who have a high level of taste and sophistication, the United Arab Emirates is a perfect market for our growth initiative," said ASW CEO and President, Sabine Heller.

The country is the perfect target for new members with its growing international community, and residents that travel frequently throughout the world. 

As part of their Membership Rewards program, ASMALLWORLD has also now partnered with some of the UAE's top fashion and hospitality brands to offer benefits to members living in and traveling to the UAE including Six Senses Resorts, Taj Hotels and Resorts, S*uce Boutiques, Banyan Tree Ras Al-Khaimah + Banyan Tree Al-Wadia. 

a small world

a small world

Some of the privileges for ASW members include staying at Kittitian Hill,  St.Kitts in the West Indies  

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