A slice of Italian luxury: Armani to design residence in Beijing

A slice of Italian luxury: Armani to design residence in Beijing

'Union of Nature and Man'

Armani Casa will be bringing a slice of Italian luxury to a new residential development in Beijing, by designing a number of luxury residential apartments and some communal areas of the complex. Get the scoop here…

Armani Casa, the architectural arm of the Giorgio Armani Group, is set to bring a taste of luxury Italian living to China, as the announcement of a new partnership with Chinese real estate company Smart Hero Group is released.

Armani Casa is to design the common areas and amenities, as well as several luxury apartments within the eco building, Hero-Central Park Plaza complex, which has been designed by architect Ma Yansong.

"I'm very happy to collaborate on the development of this complex in Beijing, one of the most charming cities in the world," Giorgio Armani said. "The Chinese concept of 'Union of Nature and Man' perfectly fits the aesthetic I developed for Armani/Casa, which constantly aspires at creating a sense of harmony inside the indoor spaces while respecting their natural context. The idea of matching an aesthetic created by people with natural materials and shapes represents for me the ultimate contemporary luxury."

The development is expected to open to residents at the end of 2017. 

 Armani to design residence in Beijing

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