Apple has bought 36,000 acres of forest

Apple has bought 36,000 acres of forest

In collaboration with The Conservation Fund

Editor: Buro 24/7

According to a new report by BuzzFeed, technology giant, Apple has joined forces with The Conservation Fund to purchase 36,000 acres of forest in a bid to reduce its global carbon footprint...

A new report by BuzzFeed has revealed that tech giant Apple, has teamed up with The Conservation Fund, and purchased approximately 36,000 acres of private forest in Maine and North Carolina. The Apple-owned woodland will be used to create packaging for future products, according to the report, and will be harvested with a "working forest" structure, which helps to enable long-term economic stability.

At present it is estimated that Apple's packaging is created from around 1/3 of non-recycled paper, and the tech giant aims to lower its carbon footprint, and use 100% renewable sources in the future. The company, who are set to debut its first ever wearable, the Apple Watch later this month, recently revealed a new Cupertino HQ, which will run on 100% renewable energy thanks to the 850 million dollar solar farm it is building in California.