Apple bans the use of selfie sticks at the WWDC15

Apple bans the use of selfie sticks at the WWDC15

Another event shuns the apparatus

Editor: Buro 24/7

In a bid to protect its privacy at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 – which will take place June 8–12 in San Francisco – Apple have declared that selfie sticks will be banned from its iOS and OS X showcase...

Following the announcement that the Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 (WWDC15) will take place on June 8 Moscone Centre in San Francisco, Apple have now announced that it has banned the use of selfie sticks at its five-day 'epicenter of change' event.

The apparatus, which enables social media fiends to take a 'selfie' without the dreaded obviousness, isn't having the best year – after being banned at the Coachella and Lollapalooza music festivals. 

Apple declared in its registration that the monopod-like device is banned not only inside the conference, but also throughout the venue, and in the gardens. The registration for the WWDC15 opened yesterday, and will see successful registrants pay $1,599 per ticket, should their application be successful.

WWDC15 takes place June 8–12 2015