American Airlines introduces first class cabins for pets

American Airlines introduces first class cabins for pets

'Cuddle Class'

American Airlines has accommodated the need for pets to stay with their owners on board two of their aircrafts enabling First Class passengers to travel next to their furry friends

Have you ever flown your pets with you and get worried about their wellbeing and condition of the compartments they are in? Well thanks to American Airlines you won't have to worry as it has created special compartments for pets and First Class passengers. Labelled 'Cuddle Class' the service is only available on airlines A321T that travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco to New York City and allows your pet to sit opposite you in a 19" by 13" carrier.

Seats in 'Cuddle Class' can be reserved upon booking your own ticket, and unfortunately this service is not yet able to accommodate big dogs such as Labradors and St. Bernards due to lack of space. The price of a 'Cuddle Class' seat is the same as what passengers would pay for a Pet carry-on – $125 and a Vet's approval is necessary.

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