Is Amazon about to launch its own shipping network?

Is Amazon about to launch its own shipping network?

American commerce company aims for delivery domination

Image: The Verge

Amazon, the world's largest internet retailer, is now testing its own shipping network, according to the Wall Street Journal

Amazon is reportedly in the early phases of testing a new delivery service that would reduce the company's reliance on UPS and FedEx  two companies that play a critical role in today's shipping world.

The company has been testing the service, supposedly called 'Last Mile' in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco since late last year.

The exact logistics of the new delivery service, or when it might appear in other cities, aren't clear as of yet, but it focuses on the so-called last mile of deliveries, the part of the journey that ends up at your doorstep  which is typically handled by the larger carriers.

'Last Mile' could help mould a powerful delivery network for the company, even if Amazon chooses smaller goals, it could still be a competitor to same-day delivery services from eBay and Google.

In addition to the company's latest initiative, Amazon has also begun openly testing a similar delivery network in the UK that deals with last-mile deliveries.