Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had a '$4.6 billion day' this weekend

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had a '$4.6 billion day' this weekend

Things are looking up

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Friday was a good day for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, after the company's stock surged by almost 15% to about $449 a share, according to FactSet...

Jeff Bezos may have lost $27 million a day in 2014, but things are looking up for the Amazon CEO, who had a $4.6 billion 'day' on Friday...

As of February 19 this year, Bezos sharehold of Amazon went up to include 83,933,463 shares. On Friday the company's stock increased by almost 15%, over $59, to around $449 a share according to a new report by FactSet. 

This means that Bezos' Friday was larger in terms of gain than the individual market caps of 17 S&P 500 companies. Impressive stuff.

Amazon's company stock surge took place 24 hours after it announced its Amazon Web Services generated $1.57 billion in revenue during the first quarter, "leading Wall Street to nudge off its earnings per share miss," according to CNBC.

Microsoft's former CEO and Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer also had a pretty aces Friday, after it was reported he is on track to making $1 billion over the weekend – this is half of what he paid for his NBA franchise. The Microsoft shares rose to $46 a share on Friday, around 8%, and Ballmer owns 333,255,000 Microsoft shares according to FactSet, which means he achieved a personal giant of around $1.07 billion.

This takes 'Friyay' to a whole new level...

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