A 'New York Times' Minute

A 'New York Times' Minute

From print to video

Text: Buro 24/7

Image: Reforms in the New York Times

"So, do you think print media will eventually become extinct?"

It's an age-old and inevitable question often asked of journalists, and to some, the answer is a question of 'when', rather than 'if'.

It seems that the planet has become unwittingly guilty of changing the face of journalism, and the media, by giving readers the choice of searching and digesting information by clicking away on various devices – continually pumping out electronic versions of every newspapers and magazines going.

For the American media industry we fear they have perhaps gone past the point of no return, thanks to the scandal of 2008; Julian Assange and his radical Internet project, Wikileaks.

Social media has had it's part to play too, sites such as Twitter have also shifted the emphasis when it comes to the supply and distribution of information. Now, the most authoritative publications push their content via the network, changing the style and format of speech - the rustle of broadsheet papers such as The New York Times and Le Monde have become a thing of the past.

Lucky for us, each title adapts to these changes quickly. Moreover, many of them try innovative techniques to print their news in an online format. 

Cue The New York Times, who has launched its online news portal via video content under the title of Times Minute

Each video news bulletin is no longer than one or two minutes, with each video covering three stories, the concept aims to feature top headlines from The Times throughout the day. 

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