The $4,000 diet pill that delivers a balloon to stomach

The $4,000 diet pill that delivers a balloon to stomach

Devised in Mexico

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Image: IB Times

Is this the quick-fix for obesity that the world has been waiting for? A balloon-pill designed to inflate once swallowed could be the cure

We all know the drill for losing weight means regular workouts and controlling food intake, however now, physicians at a clinic in Mexico claim to help people lose an extra 20-30 pounds in a few months just by swallowing a pill. The pill is called 'Obalon' contains a deflated gastric balloon that is attached to a slender tube.

The $4,000 diet pill that delivers a balloon to stomach (фото 1)

The weight loss treatment starts with consumption of the pill with a glass of water. Once the capsule reaches the patient's stomach, it opens up and releases the balloon which weighs less than 6 grams. After the balloon is inflated, physician releases the tube from the balloon and pulls the tube out, leaving the balloon free-floating in the stomach. The Obalon balloon is designed to assist weight loss by partially filling the stomach and helping to induce a feeling of 'fullness'. Up to 3 balloons can be placed to continue to facilitate weight loss. At the end of this period, the balloons are removed in a short endoscopic procedure. 

The total treatment time is approximately three months and can cost up to $4,000 – it's currently not FDA approved and only available in Mexico, or Europe.