A $33million Fabergé egg discovered at a flea market

A $33million Fabergé egg discovered at a flea market

Buried treasure

Image: HUH Magazine

A very lucky haggler has managed to find a long-forgotten Fabergé egg at a small flea market in the American Midwest...

Many moons ago, jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé made 50 beautifully decorated eggs for the nobility of Imperial Russia. Sadly since then, many of the eggs have been lost over time, until one very lucky shopper found one worth a staggering $33million at a small flea market in the American Midwest.

The anonymous buyer bought the egg for just over $13,000, planning to later melt it down for its gold and jewels. However, after seeing a name inscribed on the inside he decided to investigate, and found an image of an identical Fabergé egg, before calling on an expert in London to have it examined.

"He brought pictures of the egg and I knew instantaneously that was it. I was flabbergasted," said the expert. "It was like being Indiana Jones and finding the Lost Ark. I looked at it and said, 'You have an Imperial Faberge Easter Egg.' And he practically fainted. He literally fell to the floor in astonishment."

Apparently the man is now terrified of people discovering his new found wealth. "He's from another world entirely. It's a world of diners and pick-up trucks, real blue-collar America, and he and his partner are still stunned by all this," said the Fabergé egg expert. "When I saw them in January, they hadn't moved out but they were going to, although I think it was just to a bigger house around the corner. They've also bought a new car."

How the egg came to be at the flea market in the first place, is not yet known.

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