The new James Bond is a…ginger?

The new James Bond is a…ginger?

The search continues

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

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The search for the new Bond continues with Damian Lewis' name now thrown into the mix

James Bond is not just a fictional superspy. Over the decades, he has become a brand that people take very seriously, especially when it's time to hand over the torch. And that time is now! Ever since Daniel Craig hinted that he may not continue as Bond after Spectre, talk about his replacement has grown steadily with the spotlight now on Emmy winner Damian Lewis. 

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To many aficionados, Sean Connery was the quintessential Bond, but the writers and director of Casino Royale marketed a different Bond in Craig, one who is modern, identifiable, problematic and, most importantly to many, ripped. And if Lewis was to be given the final nod, the franchise would have its first ginger spy. 

His credentials too prove he's positive perfection to take the title. His role in Homeland is indication enough that he can pull off the hard man persona with a sensitive side. If that's your only criterion, then he is a shoo-in for the part.

But for now, it all depends on whether or not Craig truly decides to step aside. The list of other potential candidates include England's football darling David Beckham, Bane, more accurately known as Tom Hardy and last but not least Idris Elba. The choice of Elba, despite being a clear departure from Ian Fleming's original story, has the backing of former Bond Pierce Brosnan.

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