Elon Musk thinks humans will be banned from driving in less than 20 years

Elon Musk thinks humans will be banned from driving in less than 20 years

To make way for autonomous cars

Prolific entrepreneur and tech architect Elon Musk has said that driverless cars could be the norm on our roads the world over, in 20 years or less. He believes that human error in driving is the cause of too many road accidents and autonomous cars will make for safer streets...

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Telsa Motors, has gone out on a limb to profess that he believes that humans will soon been phased out of driving, by driverless car technology, and the law. Musk has shared his belief that human drivers are "too dangerous," and that autonomous cars are the solution to safer roads. 

This statement came hand in hand with the announcement that the Telsa Motors S model could be releasing a driverless upgrade as soon as this summer. Owners of the earlier model will be able to simply download a software upgrade to the electronic car, to make it autonomous. 

Musk has compared the future of autonomous cars becoming the norm to modern elevators replacing elevators that once needed an operator. At one point, that was unheard of and now we take them for granted, which is how Musk imagines the future of autonomous cars: "We'll take autonomous cars for granted in a short period of time. It's going to be the default thing and it's going to save a lot of lives." He said. Adding that he believes it could be a matter of 20 years or less before the world adopts autonomous cars as the norm of transportation. 

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