\"Balance is the key word to staying healthy\" – Claudia Odermatt

"Balance is the key word to staying healthy" – Claudia Odermatt

Buro 24/7 explores the guilt-free world of Detox Delight...

With affiliates in over eight different countries, Detox Delight is a delicious delivery service that has become one of Dubai’s most popular holistic approaches to the long-term improvement of nutrition and our well-being...

Focused on a natural, nutrient-rich diet that supports the self-purification power of your body, Detox Delight is designed for people with busy lives who don't wish to neglect their body of what it deserves.

With a variety of different healthy, raw, and tasty programmes to choose from, Detox Delight is paving the way for the future of nutrition and Buro 24/7 Middle East sits down with one of the main creators behind the detox concept to find out more... 

What is the key mistake people make when it comes to healthy eating?

Not to keep the right balance. If you decide to be vegetarian and then eat pasta every day. Or if you eat nothing except fruits and raw veggie sticks for two weeks. All of these monotone and extreme methods are not considered as healthy. Balance is the key word to staying healthy. Also try new things – vegetables and grains, it can be delicious.

 Detox delight interview

What is in the food? Are there any preservatives? Is it organic?

Botanical Delight is all natural and entirely vegan. Its a light and healthy diet, which is easy to digest. We do not use any dairy products, eggs, meat or fish and only a minimum of carbohydrates. The dishes do not contain gluten and, of course, we do not add preservatives, artificial colours, flavour enhancers, refined sugar or cooking salt. We only use the freshest ingredients and prepare it fresh. We source our fruits and veggies from the Greenheart Organic Farm.

How do you decide on the menu?

Our balanced and varied daily menus are created based on up-to-date findings of nutritionists and inspired by international raw food and detox recipes.

Detox delight interview

What was the driving force behind the company?

Detox Delight is an international company founded in Germany. Three years ago when we started with Detox Delight Middle East there was not a big demand and awareness for organic healthy food. However, it was surely needed and that was the reason to start with our Detox Delight. We wanted to start making a change and educate and bring the awareness to the Middle East.

How did the idea come about?

My Partner Nicole saw it in a German magazine and told me about it. We both tried it when we went back to Germany in the summer and loved it so much that we knew this is what the UAE needed. It's a great high quality product, that will bring back the healthy lifestyle and change peoples mind in a positive way.

Detox delight interview

Do you think people in Dubai are more concisous of health than in other counties? 

I don't think that the people in Dubai are more conscious of health than in other countries. I think it is even harder to stay healthy and not get lost in the mainstream of easy, fast, convenient delivery food services. It's so easy to get food at any time. Also the Dubai lifestyle is fast and on speed all the time. That makes it harder to make time for the grocery shopping and cooking your meals, as the easy lazy options are there.

Do you live by the detox?

My mother was always cooking fresh and healthy. We got our fruits and veggies from the farmer in town – same for milk, eggs meat and cheese. This is the way I grow up and till now we cook daily fresh meals. Detox Delight made me more aware and changed my thinking. I am a pescetarian now and don't drink milk –  and we cook vegan very often.

Detox delight interview

What's the one thing people can do to be healthier? That's super easy?

Drink water, and stop drinking fizzy drinks. If you have a sweet tooth, cut some fruits up and place them in the water – or mint leaves. Or make a big pot of tea and drink it warm or cold. Take veggie sticks and almonds with you when you leave the house for snacks. It's easy to carry and quick to make.

Do you ever crave junk food?

To be honest I don't crave junk food. However I love to eat good and delicious food. I love spaghetti with a vegan bolognese and parmesan cheese on top. 

Detox delight interview

All detox programmes and delivery information can be found on the official Detox Delight website

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