Watch now: Cristiano Ronaldo goes incognito on the streets of Madrid

Superstar in disguise

One of the biggest names in the game of football – Cristiano Ronaldo – disguises himself as a homeless street performer before stunning a young fan with his real identity…

Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo can barely show his face in public without being mobbed by hoards of fans, but thanks to a master disguise, the Portuguese football-pro was able to enjoy some moments of anonymity on the streets of Madrid. 

With the help of some Hollywood style make-up, he transformed into an everyman street performer, sporting a beard and some body padding, he pottered around the Spanish capital's streets, performing ball-control tricks to trickles of interested passers-by, before engaging in a game of 'keepy-uppy' with a young football fan, and eventually revealing his true identity (after which the crowds returned in a matter of seconds). 

Take a look at the stunt, filmed as part of the 'Live Life Loud' campaign for Ronaldo's newest venture – ROC by Monster headphones and speakers via the video above...