Apple's senior vice president gives career advice

Apple's senior vice president gives career advice

"Ask questions, don't make assumptions"

One of the most successful businesswomen of her generation Burberry's former CEO and now Apple's senior vice president, Angela Ahrendts gives career advice via LinkedIn

"Last month, as you might have heard, I started a new job," Ahrendts wrote in her LinkedIn blog. "At some point in your career, maybe you too have made the life-altering decision to start anew. If so, you know first-hand how exciting, challenging and sometimes disorienting the first 30, 60, 90 days can be." 

Angela's CV is quite impressive, and of course she wouldn't be where she is without hitting and conquering some hurdles along the way. The first coping mechanism one of Forbes '100 most powerful women' offers up is, "Stay in your lane", explaining that people should remain "focused on your core competencies you will be able to contribute much sooner, add greater value long term, and enjoy and have more peace especially in the early days".

Secondly she advises to "Ask questions, don't make assumptions" – a gem that Ahrendts's father passed on to her – going on to explain that questions "invite conversations, stimulate thinking, break down barriers, create positive energy and show your willingness to understand and learn". 

Lastly Apple's senior vice president urges people to "trust your instincts and emotions", explaining that "they will not fail you. Never will your objectivity be as clear or your instincts sharper than in the first 30-90 days. Cherish this time and fight the urge to overthink". 

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