Amazon's CEO lost $27 million a day in 2014

Amazon's CEO lost $27 million a day in 2014

Dwindling bezos

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2014 wasn't exactly the best year for Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos, who, according to a new report – lost $27 million a day in 2014...

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos saw his personal wealth plummet in 2014 – he lost a staggering $9.85 billion over 12 months, which equates to an average of $27 million every single day.

Bloomberg reports he is still worth an estimated $40 billion, making him the 23rd richest person in the world –so perhaps he isn't too concerned with 2014's losses. 

On the otherside, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg added a total of $13.5 billion to his personal wealth in 2014, which brings his grand total up to $44 billion. Whilst Bill Gates took back his spot as the "richest person in the world" with an impressive $107.5 billion, a total which means that he would have to spend $1 million every day, for approximately 294 years before he ran out of cash – and that's not even including interest.