'Women's Health' editor tapped to head Yahoo's Health project

'Women's Health' editor tapped to head Yahoo's Health project

A healthy new home in cyberspace

Michele Promaulayko, the editor in chief at 'Women’s Health' magazine, has a found a new home at Yahoo as Yahoo Health’s new editor in chief

Leaving behind the famed lifestyle publication, Michele Promaulayko will soon begin at Yahoo on August 25 in New York City.

Promaulayko is Yahoo's latest editorial recruit as the website aims to boost traffic under chief executive officer Marissa Mayer. Promaulayko will also be joining Joe Zee and makeup guru Bobbi Brown, who accepted the editor in chief positions at Yahoo Style and Yahoo's beauty magazine, earlier this year.

Promaulayko worked for the Rodale-owned magazine for almost six years and saw the title grow to what it is today. Now, with her new job about to begin, Promaulayko aims to provide Yahoo users with a print-like experience.

"The thing about digital that I love is there's a video component and also seeing lots of great voices," she said. "The wonderful thing about digital is that you have infinite space." 



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