A former editor of 'Sportswear Illustrated' launches health site

A former editor of 'Sportswear Illustrated' launches health site

Diane Smith's 'Swim a la Mode'

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Swim expert, fashion editor and world traveller Diane Smith knows a thing or two about looking good on a beach – luckily, she's launching a new website with her findings

After over a decade as a senior editor of the Sports Illustrated's celebrated 'swimsuit issue', Diane Smith has seen her share of bikinis, beautiful beaches and well constructed swimming pools... Cue the launch of Diane Smith Swim a la Mode, Keep Chic on the Beach blog, a celebration of all things summer.

Smith selects a range of one and two pieces and is also bringing accessories, resorts and whatever else falls under the 'vacation' category, “I’m really isolating some of my favourite things.” She explains.

That includes an 'at-lunch-with' series featuring pals such as model Damaris Lewis. By her own estimates, she has dealt with 2,000 swimsuits a year, becoming an expert and her friends encouraged her to put her knowledge to such a project. 

At this stage, there is no financial arrangement with any of the brands or companies that she features, although she does hope to get sponsors eventually. “Right now it’s just a labour of love,” Smith concludes.

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