'Men's Health' names Cristiano Ronaldo The Fittest Man Alive

'Men's Health' names Cristiano Ronaldo The Fittest Man Alive

The famous footballer seems to have it all

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For the latest issue of 'Men’s Health', the publication gives an insightful look at Cristiano Ronaldo and what makes him one of the world’s best athletes

Apart from Ronaldo's undeniable skills with a ball, Men's Health takes a deeper look at the Real Madrid player's physical attributes and what helps take him to the next level, in turn making him the fittest man alive.

The magazine looks at different categories from power, strength, speed, stamina, and smarts - resulting in the perfect combination for the ideal man.

Some secrets to Ronaldo's success...well when it comes to stamina and speed, Ronaldo runs more than six miles per game and sprints 33 times at a top speed of about 21 miles an hour. The footballer is also known for his legendary kick, powering the ball at a wild 80 miles an hour.