The Duchess of Cambridge supports the UK’s first Children’s Mental Health Week

Through the charity Place2Be

The pregnant Duchess has carved out time in her philanthropic schedule to address the taboo issue of mental health, with the release of a heartfelt video message in support of the UK's first Children's Mental Health Week. Take a look...

The Duchess of Cambridge has released a video (above) in support of the children's charity Place2Be, to coincide with the first ever Children's Mental Health Week. 

In the video, the visibly pregnant Duchess, helps to break down the stigma of mental health in children and urges people to join her and husband Prince William, in supporting the charity and the entire initiative of Children's Mental Health Week. The British monarchy followed up with a Facebook post encouraging use of the hashtag #ChildrensMHW. 

The British monarchy's statement reads: "The Duchess of Cambridge has been Patron of Place2Be since 2013, reflecting her interest in child mental health and the importance of early intervention to provide children with in-school mental health services at the earliest stage possible, to tackle problems before they can escalate."

Her Royal Highness calls out issues such as bullying, bareavement, family breakdown and more, and tried to quash the associated shame that often accompanies such conditions. It is her hope that through the #ChildrensMHW, these issues can be addressed and avoid escalation in later life. We applaud her philanthropic work and her choice to tackle a somewhat taboo issue face on. 

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