Fitspiration: 5 reasons why training in twos makes all of the difference

Fitspiration: 5 reasons why training in twos makes all of the difference

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How to work out harder, faster and smarter according to Talise Fitness' Cedric Betis....

T hey say that surrounding yourself with the right people is the key to success. In my experience the same goes for your fitness. When I look around at the people kicking goals in the gym (and seeing real results) the common theme is the presence of a strong support network. They all have people pushing them and cheering them on. Many people are used to turning up, putting their active wear on and working out alone. What they don't realise is the huge positive impact training with a partner can have on your fitness goals; motivation and drive is something that cannot be ignored. These are some of the most important advantages to working out with a Personal Trainer or partner...

1. Accountability

Having a partner gives you someone to show up for. It's easy to cancel plans you make with yourself. We've all been there — at end of a long day the lounge starts to look a lot better than a treadmill, but knowing you have an appointment with your trainer or workout buddy means you will no longer give in to those excuses. Having someone to showup for also helps you to develop better habits. Heading home rather than to the gym? It's no longer an option.

2. Make your workout more enjoyable

Lets be real, running on a treadmill or moving from machine to machine with the company of your iPod does not an engaging or inspiring session make. But having a PT or workout partner to chat to, joke with and cheer you on will help you get through that last lunge.

3. Healthy competition and motivation

There is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. There is something to be said about working out in a group setting too. Whether it's not wanting to be the weakest link, or harnessing the energy of those around you, there's nothing like the presence of another person to help push you a little bit harder.

4. Workouts are safer and more effective

Don't worry about taking your weights up a notch because you'll have someone to spot you. You won't even have to count your own reps. There is comfort in having someone to make sure you're on form and support too — meaning your energy can be spent focusing on making improvements instead. Working out in a pair also allows you to try new exercises, or learn new techniques. It's easy to fall into a rut when you train alone but sharing training tips and even nutritional recipes is the key to keeping things dynamic and interesting.

5. Someone to celebrate your success with

Last but certainly not least, you have a constant cheerleader. We tend to be our own biggest critics but with a Personal Trainer or a workout partner you have an objective point of view, someone to celebrate your wins and reflect on your progress.

Talise Fitness have a team of experienced Personal Trainers, who specialities span weight-loss, strength training, boxing, obstacle course training, swimming and yoga.

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