Andy Warhol pop-up cafe opens in Tokyo

Andy Warhol pop-up cafe opens in Tokyo

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Image: Kawaiikakko Iisugoi
Image: Luxury Launches

Tokyo's Mori Art Museum celebrates its 10th anniversary with a special Andy Warhol retrospective and pop-up cafe, open until May 6

The new eatery is located atop of the vast Roppongi Hills building in Tokyo, which holds the Mori Art Museum, one of the most well-known art havens in Japan.

This year the famed art space is playing host to a unique exhibition that displays works by American pop artist, Andy Warhol. To coincide with the show a vibrantly coloured pop-up cafe has been set up inside the museum, taking inspiration from Warhol's graphic art pieces.

The Andy Warhol Cafe will serve up a range of classic American food, including burgers, hot dogs — with an Andy Warhol logo grilled on the bun — and artistically crafted fruit platters.

The Andy Warhol Cafe and "Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal" retrospective , will be running till May 6, 2014 at  Mori Art Museum in Tokyo.

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