Stereo Kitchen joins Beirut's culinary scene

Stereo Kitchen joins Beirut's culinary scene

Diverse cuisine meets minimal design


Beirut's latest restaurant addition offers a unique dining experience with spectacular rooftop perspectives of the city

A sophisticated new addition to Beirut's bustling culinary scene, Stereo Kitchen – a bar and restaurant which serves international cuisine – is situated atop an office building, giving guests unparalleled views of the surroundings.

The venue was designed by architect Paul Kaloustian, and is essentially a circular glass pavilion, similar to a tower deck. The circumference is fringed by two spacious balconies with a view of the city on one side, and an incompatible view of the harbor and Mediterranean on the other.

Inside, the dining tables and double-faced bar are concentrically laid out, creating individual zones and dimensional opportunities. The contrasting hues of dark metal ceilings and light-toned wood furniture as well as exposed concrete create a minimalistic theme throughout.

The zigzag pattern of the ceiling, designed and built by PSLAB, is replicated in the exterior and interior spaces and creates a sense of continuity throughout the restaurant.

Stereo Kitchen located in Gemmayze-Beirut on Al Arz Street and is open daily from 8pm – 3am.


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