The world's largest roller coaster-themed restaurant opens in Abu Dhabi

The world's largest roller coaster-themed restaurant opens in Abu Dhabi

Rogo's at Yas Island

The new roller coaster restaurant Rogo's in Abu Dhabi is the latest adventure in dining that leaves diners shaken but not stirred...

Thrill seeking diners have a new dinner destination to enjoy in the form of Rogo's – Abu Dhabi’s latest concept restaurant. The roller coaster themed diner is the new novelty concept to open in Yas Island Mall, conveniently located close to the abundant other theme-park fun venues in the area including Ferrarri world.

Rogo's is more than just a theme, the 14,000 square foot restaurant seats diners amongst a complex network of more than 30 individually laid tracks. The tracks serve as a unique food and drink delivery system, distributing orders made via interactive menu tablets, directly to diners. The central feature of the restaurant is the swirling tornado spiral, which could dizzy even the sturdiest of stomachs. But worry not, all food and drink orders are secure in sealed pods and arrive in perfect condition despite the journey from kitchen to table.

The competitive restaurant market has seen concept developers pushing the conventional envelope for some time and the UAE has always been foremost in the endeavours of out-of-the-box creative leisure venues. Kuwait, Germany and Russia have also launched roller coaster-themed restaurants recently and plans are in place for the UK and China to follow suit soon.