Buro 24/7 Middle East Review: Pacha Dubai Restaurant

Buro 24/7 Middle East Review: Pacha Dubai Restaurant

Dinner and a show

Nibble on edible gold and indulge in luxury white truffles whilst dancers swing from the rafters and entertain in the intimate and elegant Pacha Ibiza Dubai Restaurant. Buro 24/7 went along to experience the dinner and a show offering first hand...

Recently Buro 24/7 Middle East had the pleasure of immersing in the full dinner and show experience at Pacha Ibiza Dubai's Restaurant. With the big name club's indulgent and luxurious draw, we were intrigued to discover the refined, delicious and frankly daring dining experience that the restaurant so ably delivered. One minute we were eating edible gold and the next minute our mouths were a-gasp as dancers swung from the ceiling... 

Pacha Ibiza Dubai launched in Dubai in November 2014 to the unbridled delight of club goers all over town. Pacha has become a beacon in the international club scene since the dance club opened on the Balearic isle of Ibiza in the 70's. What might surprise you, is the elegant and sumptuous dining opportunity that the new Madinat Jumeirah venue has to offer... 

After being graciously greeted by a hostess behind a VIP red velvet rope, we ascended the stairway, at the top of which the trademark pacha cherries are embedded in a living wall of foliage. They adorn the entryway and are flanked by two Pacha artistes in decadent black feathered ensembles that allude to the performances that await. Upon entering, the sense that this will be no ordinary dining experience begins to permeate. 

The dining room is intimate and alive with an ambiance that made us wonder if our resolve to go home after dinner will be strong enough by the time the cheque arrives. The DJ is already masterfully laying down the soundtrack for diners, holding back on the heavy beats (that comes later) but generous with an exciting vibe that hits just the right note.

The waiting staff introduced themselves, and set about explaining the sharing concept of the menu. It is impossible not to notice the eclectic international team that has been assembled, all of whom exhibit a willingness, and if we may note, the ability, to make the experience as flawless as possible. The team is knowledgable about the food and the venue and show an easy and contagious enthusiasm for the intermittent performances that take place throughout the evening. 

Pacha food review

We opted for a full house of the four different sashimi options which were fresher than fresh, with a green mango and papaya salad, to start. As the first course landed on our table, so too did the first performers land on the stage that is centred in the dining room, and the first performance in-the-round began.

The dining room's design is purpose built, and has managed to introduce the performance element to the evening, that is neither intimidating nor confrontational, but rather relaxed and inclusively easy to enjoy. 

Pacha food review

We followed with a selection of blue lobster dumplings and duck postickers among other dim sum, decadently rounded off with a trio of sauces, one of which contained edible gold, and every spec was devoured. A coconut chicken curry followed, accompanied by a dish of Vietnamese water spinach topped with a poached egg and white truffle. In fact, the menu is a bit of a haven for truffle hunters, we indulged in a substantial truffle quota during our five course seating, and what a treat it was. 

Pacha food review

The 'main', if you will, had a lot to achieve to out-do or even compete with the preceding delights, and it delivered a double whammy of 'wow.' Marinaded slow cooked wagu beef, which was so tender you could virtually slice it with a spoon and Chilean sea bass with (more) white truffle that melted in the mouth. 

Pacha food review

All the while, our entertainment continued to impress, a quartet of dancers make up the staple squad, delivering lively and varied routines to songs old and new. The Uptown Funk routine was a personal favourite and it is evident that the artists genuinely enjoy putting on the show. Wild costume changes match the tunes, we saw mohawked biker helmets, leopard print fur coats and leather numbers. All of the other diners were soaking it in and a communal delight seemed to unite room. 

Interspersed between the quartet routines are some highly specialised performers who undertake jaw-dropping feats of aerial acrobatics and a subversively creative routine on crutches that quite honestly needs to be seen to be believed. 

As if this isn't enough to entertainment to feed our appetites, we also witnessed the elaborate delivery system for a bottle of fizz, ordered by a table of eight, that were clearly celebrating a birthday. The bottle was retrieved by a acrobat suspended on a hoop, who swooped down to deliver the bottle. 

The restaurant manages to be unique and highly entertaining without being gimmicky, it's lively whilst maintaining the integrity of the dining experience... Not forgetting that wagu beef...