Is the pegan plan for me?

Is the pegan plan for me?

Changing your eating habits has never been easier

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

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Forget about the paleo or vegan lifestyle because there’s a new way of healthy eating: the pegan plan.

Celebrities like Beyonce and Natalie Portman are vegans while Jessica Biel and Uma Thurman swear by the paleo lifestyle. The pegan plan though, is slowly but surely becoming a more popular option.

The term pegan is derived from combing paleo and vegan and just like the name, the style of eating also meshes the two together.

On the surface, these two styles of eating cannot co-exist as one simply because paleo is predominantly meat-based while the other is plant-based. On closer inspection though, we can see that apart from the plant-meat differences, there are similarities, namely low glycemic loads and high good quality fats.

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Since the pegan lifestyle calls for eating meat, vegans who are not doing it for medical reasons would find it easier to adapt.

Both the paleo and vegan plans are healthy plans so why should I choose a pegan lifestyle? For the paleo eater, a pegan lifestyle would mean eating more types of grains while for the vegan, it is a solution to meat cravings.

While the rules of the pegan plan are not in black and white, there are still a few general rules that should be followed:

1. A large portion of the diet consists of plants — 75 percent in fact and the darker the better.

2. Treat meat as condiments, just enough to avoid muscle breakdown.

3. You should avoid gluten but it's not a hard fast rule and can be consumed infrequently. Gluten-free is still recommended.

4. Enjoy your sugars, but extremely sparingly.

Ultimately we're loving the pegan plan because it offers more flexibility in your lifestyle; all the good stuff without the cravings and nutrient deficiencies. Remember, what is more flexible is more sustainable. And that, is the real key to a healthier life!