Go Paleo with these food delivery services

Go Paleo with these food delivery services

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Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

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Enjoy every mouthwatering meals like they're meant to taste, without the extra additives, with these convenient paleo food delivery services...

Rid yourself of all processed food and chemical-laden snacks and go paleo. Raw, naturally-derived and nutritious food is at the core of the Paleo diet and there's an all new and easily accessible approach taking over Dubai. Buro 24/7 Middle East has put together the ultimate Paleo plan with four of the cities best delivery services...


Dinnertime's Paleo Box gives you the opportunity to cook your own paleo meal. Included in the delivery are fresh ingredients which would suffice for one fish dish, one meat dish, one chicken dish and one vegetarian dish or soup. So you have all of the variety with an easy-to-follow recipe book and each recipe takes approximately 30 minutes to prepare and cook. As well the fresh produce is, where possible, grass-fed, local and often organic too.

For more information, visit Dinner Time.

Love Food

Founded by Australian chefs Stuart Walton and Richard Hannaby, Love Food provides you with a range of nourishing breakfast, lunch and dinner meals as well as snacks. The chefs cook using only the freshest local organic produce, free range and grass-fed meats. Expect omelets, turkey bacon and coconut berry yogurt with grain-free granola for breakfast while lunch and dinner can consist of anything from a Caesar salad and smoked salmon to laksa and braised lamb. The Paleo meals are not only tasty, healthy and unprocessed but also packed with nutrition. Best of all, the containers feature a QR code that, when scanned, will reveal the meal's content and instructions.

For more information, visit Love Food.

Protein Bake Shop

With each sweet item containing less than 9g of carbs and under 5gm of sugar, you can enjoy snacks and desserts guilt-free with the Protein Bake Shop. With a high protein and fat content, this is the ultimate Paleo go-to food item when you need a quick bite or boost. Protein Bake Shop pride themselves on being gluten free and not using any refined sugar or aspartame, using instead healthy baking alternative ingredients including coconut powder, whey protein powder, almond flour and flaxseeds.

For more information, visit Protein Bake Shop.


Aiming to become the city's healthiest food delivery service, Daintree plans your meals based on a caloric and portion controlled formula to meet your daily needs of energy and nutrients. While more of a weight-watching service, Daintree does provide paleo options and contrary to popular belief, these meals do not compromise on taste. The menu includes tasty dishes including grass-fed portobello mushroom beef burgers, Thai chicken curry with cauliflower rice and kale chips.

For more information, visit Daintree Food.