Eat Clean: Dubai's fresh new answer to ordering gluten free, dairy free, paleo food online

Eat Clean: Dubai's fresh new answer to ordering gluten free, dairy free, paleo food online

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Interview: Shannon Wylie

Gluten free? Tick. Paleo? Tick. Dairy free? Tick. Pescatarian? Tick. Vegan? Tick. Eat Clean is Dubai's answer to a personal nutritionist. Here's why you need to try the service now...

Forget meal plans (although they do support scheduled food calendars), Eat Clean is a digital platform dedicated exclusively to ordering healthy food online. Launched just this week by Co-Founders Elsy Azzam and Bassil Dibs, the website, where you can order breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks specialises in listing takeaway meals from Dubai-based restaurants, think Skinny Genie, Organic Press, The Protein Bake Shop and The Salad Jar. Eat Clean also categorise each meal according to gluten free, dairy free, pescatarian, vegan, paleo, low carb, low calorie, organic and wheat free options. 

"Today, people who are looking to eat and live healthy struggle to find healthy food options, so Eat Clean provides a platform that lists Dubai's healthy food options complete with a customised and simplified food selection experience," said Azzam. "Customers can search according to their own preferences, be it by type of foods, dietary requirements, restaurants or any mix of the three."

"Clean eating means consuming wholesome, nutritious foods," continued Azzam. "When you eat clean, you eat lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains and lean proteins. It's about balancing all food groups and not ruling any of them out. It's about eating right, not eating less."

"At a time where speed for mass consumption is the primary focus for most F&B companies, people end-up consuming foods that are processed, with little to no attention to good nutrition," said Dibs. "Our health is being compromised, where consumers are becoming increasingly sensitive and intolerant to specific foods and find themselves being faced with major digestive issues. Eating clean should be a way of life, and not a short term solution," he continued.

"Our team of nutritionists have not only handpicked each item sold but they've also analysed their nutritional content for calorie count and macronutrient breakdown. Dubai authorities announced earlier this year that the city's restaurants must soon, by law, include calorie information for each dish on their menus to fight obesity patterns. With this, customers can make informed decisions about what they eat and be able to manage their lifestyle in a healthy and effective manner."

Eat Clean is currently taking orders across Dubai. Visit now to place an order and then read about the secrets of ginger.

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