Dish of the week: Coconut Porridge by Jones the Grocer

Dish of the week: Coconut Porridge by Jones the Grocer

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A dairy-free breakfast or brunch choice, Coconut Porridge is a delicious, slow-release source of energy to start the day... And here's the best we've ever had

A bowl of goodness that's become something of a habit in the Buro 24/7 Middle East office lately, Jones the Grocer's 'Coconut Porridge' is so much more than a simple morning cereal – try it once and be warned you could repeat the order everyday for a week.

The Dubai-based outpost of the famous Australian food-expert has re-launched some of its signature menu options, particularly adding a new dimension and flavour to its favourite healthy breakfast, and they'll prepare it your preferred way.

Coconut Porridge by Jones the Grocer

Packed with flavour, this is a porridge made with fine white oats infused with coconut milk and topped with butterscotch compote, banana and peanut praline – an update from it's former, more traditional, presentation of simply honey or maple syrup.

We fully recommend you make the most of Jones' dine-in or delivery service to give it a try, however if you want to attempt your own at home, here goes:


Jones the Grocer's 'Coconut Porridge'


350g  Coconut milk
10g  Sugar granules
70g  White oats
60g  Banana
45g  Jones the Grocer's Butterscotch Sauce
15g  Jones the Grocer's Peanut Praline


  • *In a small saucepan, cook the coconut milk with sugar and oats to make porridge.
  • *In a small mixing bowl, combine the praline, banana (sliced) and butterscotch sauce.
  • *Serve coconut porridge in a bowl with banana and butterscotch praline on top.

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