Dish of the week: The Banh Mi at Tom&Serg

Dish of the week: The Banh Mi at Tom&Serg

A far superior sandwich

Editor: Buro 24/7

Image: Ruth Bradley Consulting

Dubai’s Australian/Spanish breakfast/brunch café hybrid has launched a new addition to its menu, the Vietnamese streetfood 'hero sandwich' you must try

When it comes to lunch, balance is the key – proved here to perfection by the too-cool-for-school contemporary café in Dubai's Al Quoz art and industrial district. It's a simple crisp baguette filled with braised beef brisket, fresh herbs, kimchi, jicama, and lime mayo for a little punctuation – that originated on the streets of Vietnam. "Packed with flavour yet light as a feather" as chef Tom Arnel and business partner Sergio Lopez themselves say, believing that any recipe worth making is worth sharing – and in this case, we wholeheartedly agree.

The Banh Mi at Tom&Serg

The Bahn mi sandwich, Dhs44 at Tom&Serg, Dubai


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