New place to love: The Boutique Kitchen

New place to love: The Boutique Kitchen

Prime piece of American pie

Buro 24/7 Middle East has discovered a hidden foodie gem, located in Al Quoz – The Boutique Kitchen serves Dubai's best grilled cheese and is strictly delivery only... for now

American food is hardly scarce in this desert city, but good American food? Now that's a little tricky to find. Enter The Boutique Kitchen (TBK), which opened in May and serves a variety of freshly prepared perfect-for-cheat-goodies including one of the best burgers we've tried in Dubai and a to-die-for grilled cheese. For the more health conscious foodie, TBK offers a variety of fresh and hearty salads – but this is definitely a joint best reserved for your lazy Saturdays and a TV series box set. 

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Buro 24/7 caught up with TBK founder Sal Kahil to find out more about our favourite new cheat day dial-up...

Talk us through the concept and why you decided to open The Boutique Kitchen.

Having just moved from the U.S we missed the type of food we used to eat at a typical American diner; the kind of place that is presented on the show Diners Drive-Ins and Dives on The Food Network. This led us to sample all the restaurants that offer American food in Dubai, and having done that we discovered that they almost all had your typical fast-food or franchise approach to American food. We craved something different, genuine old-school American food that was prepared with the best ingredients by creative chefs that have a passion for what they do, and we therefore decided to open The Boutique Kitchen to offer that to the public in Dubai and to curb our own cravings.    

Why the name?

Good question. When people hear the words 'American food' they usually relate it to fast-food, frozen burger patties, and franchises. That's not what we're doing here, we are shipping the best quality ingredients from the U.S and preparing everything as if it was prepared in your kitchen at home, so the word 'Boutique' which is associated with quality, fit right in with our concept. Since we are a delivery only business with no dine in section the word 'Kitchen' well describes the space we operate from; hence the name The Boutique Kitchen was born.    

Are there any plans to offer dine in, in the future?

We are seriously considering that as the demand has been astonishing. We receive loads of phone calls everyday with customers inquiring about how to get to our location or how to make a reservation, only to find out that we are only a delivery business for now. We also have people driving from distant areas that end up parking outside our kitchen and eating in their cars, so yes a dine in is definitely something that is being seriously considered.  

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How did you devise the menu? Talk to us about the food.

That's simple, it's food we craved from back in the U.S that's authentic American diner food. We wanted that fresh homemade feel combined with signature items that are not available to consumers in Dubai.   

Tell us a secret that nobody knows yet...

We make it a point to listen to our customers' suggestions and recommendations, as a result we will be adding some highly anticipated main courses to our menu along with a kids menu' section for the little ones. We'll also be adding some signature dessert items, but that will have to remain our little secret for now.


The Boutique Kitchen is open for delivery 12noon to 11pm. Visit the official website to explore the menu and for further details.

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