A 2.5 acre underground farm in London

A 2.5 acre underground farm in London

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Image: Zero Carbon Food

An underground farm in the UK capital is producing fresh greens to enhance a clean environment

Named 'Zero Carbon Food', this large 2.5 acre farm was built 33 metres below ground under the tube station at Clapham North in London. The unique business was created by entrepreneurs Richard Ballard and Steven Dring, who hope to reduce the capital's carbon footprint by growing sustainable fresh micro greens and salad leaves underground.

Situated underneath the Northern Line, in vacant tunnels that were originally built as bomb shelters in World War II, since the launch of  'Zero Carbon Food', Ballard and Dring have managed to grow nine microgreens and three herbs. Everything is grown using LED lights and hydroponic systems - providing them with another eco-friendly element - using 70% less water than conventional farming methods, as well as the crops being free from pesticides.

Once the leaves are picked they can be delivered to local restaurants and shops in a time frame of only 4 hours, with large-scale production planned to begin in September this year.

Underground farm

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