New place to love: Raw UAE

New place to love: Raw UAE

Time to cleanse your palette

Image: Raw UAE

This Summer, Abu Dhabi has been culinarily awakened by one of the freshest new eateries, the 100% raw, vegan and organic café, Raw

Founded by a husband and wife duo, Raw is one of the UAE's newest food and drink concepts, making everything you see on their shelves in-house, every morning. With zero use of processed sugars, additives and stabilizers, Raw's products maintain a variety of different nutrients and live enzymes to fuel you everyday.  

The vibrant menu features five cold pressed juices, delicious smoothies, cold brewed coffee –which is 67% less acidic than regular coffee – wheatgrass shots, five non-dairy milks (nut based), acai bowls, chia puddings, a salad of the week, raw vegan desserts and juice cleanses.

 Raw UAE

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