'Zootopia' – where animals walk free

'Zootopia' – where animals walk free

As nature intended

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Wouldn't it be wonderful to see animals freed from cages across the world? Moving a step in the right direction is the 'Zootopia' concept

Danish architect firm Bjarke Ingels has devised a new and inventive concept which sees the traditional zoo completely turned upside down.

Dubbed "Zootopia", the 300-acre enclosure would essentially allow animals to roam free, and instead putting the humans in protective floating 'pods'.


  • Visitors would also be able to observe the animals from bunkers beneath hills and special screens made from natural foliage. "Instead of copying the architecture from the various continents by doing vernacular architecture, we propose to integrate and hide the buildings as much as possible in the landscape," says the firm. "Who knows, perhaps a rhino can teach us something about how we live – or could live in the future?"

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