Zaha Hadid reveals her first Dubai project

Zaha Hadid reveals her first Dubai project

To be completed in 2016

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World-renowned architect Zaha Hadid unveils her plans for her first project in Dubai, the 93-metre Opus Tower

The Opus Tower in Business Bay is one of several unique building projects set to be a part of a masterplan concept for Dubai. The new building designed by Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid appears to hover over the ground and dematerialise by night, with a distinctive design that sees a gap, called the void, going through the middle of the structure - allowing views of the surrounding area from each side.

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"The idea was to create curves and openings with a view to the city and landmark buildings that are adjacent," said Hadid about the design, "I wanted it to be a very large window to the city, this is where the idea of the void became a critical factor."

The designs were first suggested in 2007 before the economic crash, with proposals exhibited at the British Museum, no news about the project was further heard until the designs were fully revealed.

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The 2 part structure of the building is supported by a conventional system of vertically stacked slabs, maintained by one concentrated core, removing the need for columns and maximising the views of Dubai and the absorption of natural light. The Opus Tower will have a disappearing effect, as the pixelated reflective exterior will be fully visible by day but as night falls the light will get absorbed, leaving the structure to disappear from sight.

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The 21-storey mixed-use building is set to be the home for the first ME by Melia hotel in the Middle East, accessible by four wide pedestrian pathways which will cover 84,435m2. The Opus Tower will mark the first time that Hadid will be completing both the interior and exterior architecture work for a hotel.

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The project is expected to be completed by 2016, reflecting Hadid's design signature of modern and fluid architectural elements as well as her desire to keep pushing the boundaries of future architecture.

Opus Office Tower © Zaha Hadid Architects from Zaha Hadid Architects on Vimeo.

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