The Green Lantern Residence

The Green Lantern Residence

Let in the light

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Located up in the affluent Alamo Heights neighbourhood of San Antonio, Texas, this family home was designed by local architect John Grable

"The challenge was to balance innovative sustainable technologies with time honoured techniques while also drawing from and integrating with the historic context of the neighbourhood," says local architect John Grable, about his chic new project in Texas, USA. "While the project incorporates systems such as photovoltaic panels, a green roof system, grey-water harvesting, and LED lighting; there was also an effort to reduce impact through careful planning and consideration of the site and its surroundings." He continues.

In total, the home covers 4,000 square-foot and includes a large kitchen, open-plan living spaces, generous windows, wall-to-wall sliding doors, and an outside pool with entry bridge and "grotto waterfall".

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