The best architectural projects of 2013

The best architectural projects of 2013

Fascinating projects from the World Architectural Festival

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Following on from the World Architecture Festival 2013 in Singapore earlier this year, Buro 24/7 rounds up the buildings you need to know about

At the World Architecture Festival earlier this year, there were three main categories of merit: constructed buildings, landscaping, and future projects. Buro 24/7 selects the key structures mentioned within event, our very own 'Architectural Oscars' if you will...

Best Condo

The most interesting lifestyle project lives on 28th Street in New York, built by the U.S. company Koning Eizenberg Architecture. The jury noted the courage in its ideas (the building is in a quite old and conservative area) and successful demonstration of stylish and necessary practicality.


Best Office

According to the WAF jury a quite "random" construction project took first place in the category of Best Office. It belongs to oil company Statoil in Oslo, Norway, and is designed like a pile of beams, randomly stacked on each other.

The Best Demonstration Area

The Danish Aquarium is set across 9,000 square metres in the suburbs of Copenhagen, and was named the best educational and demonstration platform of the year. And no wonder - collected inside are 20,000 living creatures and 450 different aquatic species.

Best Hotel

The clear winner in this category is the hotel desk at CitizenM on London's Bankside by the company Concrete.

Best Transport Hub

This award went to the Australian White Bay terminal design by Johnson Pilton Walker Architects. White Bay is located in the port of Sydney and brings massive tourism benefits to the country.

Best Landscape

Taylor Cullity Lethlean + Paul Thompson have created a new tourist project park called 'The Australian Garden' - a unique place where landscaped grounds from desert space to lakes are kept alongside the most unusual plants - 170,000 of them, to be precise.

The Best Building for Educational Research

The British Forum Project took this award, designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects. The building has a roof reconstructed in the form of w aves, a refitted library, dining rooms and public spaces. 

However, the real breakthrough  in Buro 24/7's book is a new building for both cultural and educational research in Birmingham, England, made ​​by the company Mecanoo Architecten, from The Netherlands.

The new cultural and research institution commandeers 35,000 square metres and is a library for children and adults, training and wellness, a multimedia archive, office, exhibition and entertainment centre. 

Buro Loves

Our all-time favourite for this year has to be the 'Puzzle Façade', created by Javier Lloret and representing a building's outer shell as a giant Rubik's Cube. Lloret transformed the Ars Electronica Centre in Linz, Austria, into an illuminated puzzle, which can be managed anyone using a special remote device.

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