The 3 Million AED treehouse

The 3 Million AED treehouse

A unique hideaway

Image: Blue Forest

Boasting a bespoke kitchen and recording studio, the 'Quiet Treehouse' is the ultimate toy for adults with an adventurous appetite

Design company Blue Forest has introduced the 'Quiet Treehouse' - a luxury eco-friendly structure which is a stark contrast to a typical treehouse. Within the comforts of the unique structure which costs AED 3 million, you'll discover a bespoke kitchen, a fully sound-proof recording studio, as well as modern conveniences from brands including Dyson, Yamaha and Smeg.

The 3 Million AED treehouse (фото 1)

According to Simon Payne, director of Blue Forest, all of the company's clients maintain a sense of adventure: "They know what they're doing is a bit wacky but it's about living out the childhood fantasy."

The 3 Million AED treehouse (фото 2)

The company initially started with people ordering products for their children, but over time, demand grew from adults seeking their own unique hideaway. "The Quiet Treehouse is the ultimate man-cave for a bit of R&R. We did plan to market our creations at the higher end of the market when we launched, but they aren't all as expensive as this one."