'Space' – a new design and architecture magazine – launches

'Space' – a new design and architecture magazine – launches

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Copenhagen-based agency Moon have announced a new magazine titled 'Space' – set to launch later this month

Showcasing the best of interior design, Space is a new magazine "that combines frank photography and writing with the universal and sometimes extravagant subject of living." For its debut issue Space explores the mid-century furniture dealer Paul Jackson's treasure trove of design classics in Stockholm, to the late Finnish architect Alvar Aalto's lost library in Russia. 

The first issue also delves into the lives of Gap's creative director Rebekka Bay and Norwegian model Iselin Steiro. The cover of the inaugural edition was shot by Mikael Jansson and features pioneering film director Tomas Alfredson. 

The new biannual title will go on sale September 20 at Andreas Murkudis in Berlin. Further stockists are expected to be introduced later this year. 

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