London's South Bank area listed as an 'Asset of Community Value'

London's South Bank area listed as an 'Asset of Community Value'

Boris Johnson and skateboarders unite to save the historic area

Image: Long Live Southbank
Image: Sam Ashley

Skaters in London won a key victory in their battle to save the South Bank undercroft this week, after the local council kept its decision to list it as an official asset of value

The Southbank Centre, which revealed plans to develop London's South Bank undercroft area into new shops and restaurants recently, have been heavily challenged by the area's skateboarders who have been fighting against the proposal... and it's formed an ununsual unity between them, and London Mayor, Boris Johnson .

Campaigner of the 'Long Live Southbank' group Ben Stewart said, "We applaud Lambeth for upholding their initial decision to recognise Southbank undercroft as an Asset of Community Value under the Localism Act," also stating, "But we are, however, very disappointed that the Southbank Centre CEO, Alan Bishop, has indicated that they will again be appealing Lambeth's decision and that, unlike hundreds of thousands of people including the Mayor of London, the Southbank Centre does not recognise the significance of the undercroft and its importance to the local and wider community."

In actual fact, Boris Johnson has the final say in the planning process, and so far he has continued to back the skateboarders with his undivided support.