Singapore's Changi Airport to hold largest indoor waterfall and living forests

Singapore's Changi Airport to hold largest indoor waterfall and living forests

A lavish layover

Set for completion in 2018, the new Jewel terminal at Singapore's Changi Airport will be a one-of-a-kind spot for travellers stoping through the city – keeping them entertained with masses of retail, an indoor forest and waterfall...

Over the next four years, Singapore's Changi Airport will be completely changing the way we see luxury travel, with work-in-progress makeover plans to feature a steel and glass bio dome structure that will visually elevate the Singapore skyline and raise the bar for airports around the world.

The new Jewel terminal will hold an indoor living forest – 'The Forest Valley' – filled with trees, plants and shrubs spanning five levels, as well as a magical 40 metre waterfall and lavish gardens. A sprawling collection of plants and trees across a 22,000 square metre area – with added means to increase the holding capacity of the airport to 24 million passengers a year.

The waterfall, called 'The Rain Vortex' is set to become the largest indoor waterfall in the world, placed in the centre of the premises. Other features will include walking trails, playgrounds, butterfly and orchid gardens, dining outlets, and a variety of different retail options, all spanning over 10 floors.

In addition the airport will offer early check-in services, allowing passengers to check-in and leave their bags hours before their flight so that they can take advantage of the unique facilities and amenities. Well you would, wouldn't you?

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