A remote colour changing studio by Andrew Berman

A remote colour changing studio by Andrew Berman

Located in Bellport, New York

Image: Huh Magazine

One-of-a-kind writing studio and library, surrounded by lush greenery and crisp air, sitting alone between an open field and a wood

American architect Andrew Berman was commissioned by a historian to create a unique writing studio and library, which is only approachable by foot. The secluded building is located in a small wooded area, with a tidal stream visible through the woods at the bottom of the site.

The exterior of the house is made entirely from copper, creating a colour-shifting element which changes the appearance of the building depending on the light of day and viewing angle. "The copper can appear reflective and bright, as well as matte and dark," said Berman, "The velvety browns and violets will slowly give way to green." Whilst the interior of house is modern and minimalistic, from the painted white walls to the natural furnishings made from  evergreen Douglas Fir.

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