Luxury homes take on a new fresh facade in 2016

Luxury homes take on a new fresh facade in 2016

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Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

Luxe up your humble castle in 2016 with the latest offerings from the best in home décor and entertainment.

Whether it's your bathroom, bedroom or living room that needs a notable injection of new luxury items, Buro 24/7 Middle East has the list of go-to décor names for a complete interior make-over. Wander through our beautiful abodes as we discover what's haute and what's an absolute must-have...

Living room: Coleccion Alexandra

Coleccion Alexandra has graced some of the world's most prestigious interiors, from apartments to palaces and from planes to yachts. For the new year, the three main pieces from their Alba collection will highlight the lushness of your home: the Alba 3-seat sofa that can be finished in a variety of options including blue pompeii and deco walnut, the Benet Square coffee table in marble and the plush Troya Armchair complete with a foot stool.

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Coleccion Alexandra is available at Interiors, UAE.

 Bedroom: Scappini & C

Inspired by royalty, the Empire collection greets you with ash veneers further refined by silver and gold leaf details that embellish the frames and mouldings. Customise the size of your bed and even choose your headboard, whether you desire wood panels or upholstery. Completing your bedroom ensemble are night stands and the intricately designed dresser, which brings a cohesive royal feel to your resting area.  

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Scappini & C is available at Interiors, UAE.

Dining room: Cornelio Cappellini

Another proud Italian brand, Cornelio Cappellini stands out with furniture pieces that blend pearly colours, beautiful fabrics, leathers, precious metals and crystals. The brand's signature table, aptly named Table Drapes, is a unique piece that sees 'ceramic drapes' hang below the table's top. Complementing the table are the Emily Chairs with their smooth upholstery and elegant design on the backs.

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Cornelio Cappellini is available at Interiors across the UAE.

Lounge: Gamma Arredementi

Lounge around in this fabulous offering from furniture maker Gamma Arredementi. Designed by Antonella Scarpitta, the Giselle chair is a contemporary armchair made from pure leather, alluding to a sophisticated style. While the Sacai modular sofa, made of suede, features unique and customised stitches.

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Gamma Arredementi is available at Western Furniture in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Bathroom: Splinter Works

The Vessel by Splinter Works is indeed the ultimate vehicle for total escapism. Part hammock, part bath tub, the Vessel is made from carbon fibre while its foam core, which insulates the tub, ensures long-lasting heat as you lay relaxing inside the elevated piece. The Vessel is also available for order in red, blue, yellow, pink, bronze and pure silver.

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Vessel by Splinter Works is available at Platinum House, Dubai.

Entertainment: Home cinema by Platinum Vision

The home cinema is fast becoming a regular feature and Platinum Vision can kit you out with designer gear as well as automation to the carpets and seat fabrics too. Then, if you want the ultimate home theatre experience, Platinum Vision offers the latest technology in sound, AURO 3D. These complete surround sound systems range from 16.2 to 26.4, offering a truly mind blowing experience.

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For more information, visit Platinum House, Dubai.

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