Philippe Starck unveils playful new lamp design

Philippe Starck unveils playful new lamp design

Hat's off

Known for his unique and modern design aesthetic, Philippe Starck has taken the idea of a hat stand and turned it into a new source of light...

Called The Chapo, French designer Philippe Starck's new design is a playful lamp whose style and shape can transform depending on the hat that is placed on top of it. The design of the lamp is minimalist and sleek, consisting of an aluminum stem with a square-shaped base that is topped with an LED light.

Styling it to your own taste, you can use a hat from your own collection or use the one that comes with the design piece as its lampshade. The Chapo lamp also has an optical switch on the dimmable base with 'Soft Touch' technology and a USB socket which enables you to recharge your smartphone and tablet.