Australian artist Nick Barclay's modern city colour codes

Australian artist Nick Barclay's modern city colour codes

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Exploring the notion that cities can be presented in simplistic colour shades, Nick Barclay proves that less is more when it comes to striking design

Nick Barclay, minimalistic Australian graphic artist extraordinaire, has launched an interesting series of colour-centric posters, breaking down complex ideas and images into a simple set of strong shades.

World cities are his target, with New York City, London, Madrid, Berlin, San Francisco, Rome and his hometown of Sydney each being depicted. Each location is represented by three key colours presented as blocks, lines, triangles or circles.

For example, NYC gets the yellow of its iconic taxi, the green of Statue of Liberty and the grey of skyscrapers while London's telephone boxes and buses are celebrated in red.

Explore the cities yourself below, now:


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