The Boeing 727 home

The Boeing 727 home

Get ready for take off

An Oregon-based engineer has spent around $220,000 to revamp the interior of the plane, which is parked on his private property outside of Hillsboro

A man living in an airplane sounds like something out of the movies, but that's exactly where electrical engineer Bruce Campbell lives. Campbell purchased the plane in 1999 for $100,000 and has been fixing it up for the past 15 years, adding a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom to name a few.

The area of cockpit and cabin provide plenty of open space; "The cabin and cockpit combination provide 1,066 square feet of exhilarating aerospace quality," Campbell states on his website. "I don't mean to offend, but wood is in my view a terrible building material. It biodegrades - it's termite chow. And microbe (rot) chow. Or it's firewood. It just depends upon which happens first. It's a relatively weak material, and it's secured with low-tech fasteners using low-tech techniques. And traditional rectangular designs are inferior structurally - they unreasonably sacrifice strength for boxy ergonomics."

Campbell also argues that airplanes are so technological advanced, and provide plenty of safety and shelter; with 9 functional emergency exits, and durable enough to withstand wind speeds of up to 575 mph, "They're among the finest structures that mankind have ever built."



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